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Tourism, Urban Planning and Mobility
Focused Research on Transport,
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Renewable Energy

About Stratagem

STRATAGEM Energy Ltd is an independent Research and Innovation company providing insightful, timely and focused technical services and research on Engineering solutions, grouped with Business services. STRATAGEM is comprised by an expert team of high qualified Researchers, Engineers and Innovation Managers focusing to provide and offer first class R&D&I services.

STRATAGEM’s Engineering department is committed to work towards sustainable development mainly in the areas of Energy, Environment, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Maritime, Transport, Tourism and Buildings. STRATAGEM is implementing sustainable development projects mainly for Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Mobility, Urban Planning, Energy Audits and Renewable Energy Sources solutions. Moreover, STRATAGEM is working on Maritime Digitization through Blockchain, expanding as a research-driven consulting firm at the cutting edge of blockchain technology in the shipping industry and acting as a maritime Fintech consulting firm specialized in distributed ledger technology.

STRATAGEM’s Business department offers services in Project Management, Innovation Management, Proposal development, Knowledge Transfer and Communication & Design. The department is comprised by experts in project management, Innovation Management, Communication and Marketing helping the dissemination and exploitation of Innovative results.

Additionally, STRATAGEM is seeking innovation excellence in Technological and Research aspects, developing new ideas and concepts on various sectors. We are in close collaboration with various institutions spread all over Europe, having already an established & growing Network of Research Centers, Universities, Industrial entities and Innovative SMEs, securing funding from National, European and private funds.



Energy Audits
Energy Efficiency Solutions and Research
Energy Management


Environmental Audits
Life Cycle Analysis
Research on Recycling and Circular Economy

Innovation Management

STRATAGEM’s methodology for innovation strategy development follows a roadmap by thoroughly investigating all business development aspects relevant to:

Urban Planning &
Sustainable Mobility

Smart Cities & Communities research, Green
Transport Technology, Sustainable Urban
Mobility Plans (SUMP) & Energy Action Plans (SEAP).

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Theoretical knowledge
and computing to formulate
practical strategies.

EU Funded Projects

STRATAGEM has great experience in designing marketing and communications strategies bridging the gap between researchers and stakeholders.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR & AR), Smart Cities.

Maritime Digitization through Blockchain, Distributed ledger technology.

Training &

Technical and theoretical training within
the areas of energy, environment,
mobility and urban planning.

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